Christmas eCard

Christmas eCard using After Effects.

This Christmas eCard is a great way to send your love and best wishes to friends or family that you may not be seeing over the Christmas period. Yes, a normal postal card is thoughtful but the delightful thing about my template is that you can add photos and also add a verbal special message at the end. A nice surprise in anyone’s books to receive such a lovely personal touch.
You can add 4 photos into the tunnel saving your best one for the end, then you can record a verbal message which will be heard clearly over the music. No more than 20 seconds is recommended which adds more impact being such a surprise for the recipient at the end.
Get in touch via the contact tab above or you can message me on my Facebook page here. It’s really easy to send the photos and for recording your message simply do it with your mobile. Most have a record facility and your computer does too. Just go to Start, Accessories, Sound recorder.
Enjoy the video and let me know what you think.


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