More from Shiloh Spinners

More from Shiloh Spinners sports day. I have three photos from the 1950’s which show local children benefitting from Shiloh Spinners summer fun days. They were free for all the families working at the mills and often a great day out for the kids to let off steam. As I mentioned in the first restoration […]

Repair ripped photo

Repair ripped photo. Below is a great photo of a lady in her youth and the only one she had around of herself at that age. Unfortunately it was torn in half by a freak accident with no negative available for reprint. So what do you do in this kind of situation? Give me a call […]

Wedding photo manipulation

Wedding photo manipulation of Mum and Dad. Perhaps not too strangely I get a lot of custom from Photographic businesses who require some kind of photo manipulation or Wedding photo manipulation. You would expect being professionals they would get it right first time but this is not the case and indeed it’s unfair to make such […]

Thai Boxer

Thai Boxer from the North. Brilliant action photo of a Thai Boxer sent into me for restoration. I love restoring most of the photos sent into me but this one goes up on the top shelf. I wasn’t aware that martial art sports were even around at this time, for local people anyway, so this photo is […]