Restoring family photo

Photo restoration, restoring family photo. A photo of my Father, probably taken around c1940 or maybe a little earlier. As a family we never got the old photos out to browse through them, or maybe it was me that wasn’t interested as a kid. Either way my dates and recollections of early pictures are very weak […]

Surfing in Royton

Surfer takes advantage of flooding in Royton. I make the occasional Fun or Fantasy photo for my local town, Royton, hence this picture Surfing in Royton. After a very bad day of rain I came up with this idea of a surfer riding the floods at the town centre cross roads. The blending of the water, […]

Royton Bogie

Royton kids on a bogie. Well these guys look like they are having fun. The photo of them on a bogie was sent to me for restoration after the lady had already tried elsewhere. She told me that the original restoration she had done resulted in the children looking like aliens and that she had refused […]

Haggate, Royton.

The Haggate, Royton. The two photos you see here are of the Haggate, Royton perhaps in the 1930’s era and situated on Middleton Rd looking West. The Photo Restoration was one which I have done for myself as I live in Royton and very close to where this picture was taken. I only restored it up to an appropriate level […]

Oldham Clippies.

Three Oldham Clippies from WW1 This photo of three Oldham Clippies was restored a long time back for someone but I never posted it up due to having done so many similar ones before. I came across it again recently and thought it so captivating it deserved a place on my website. If I recall correctly the three ladies […]

Reconstructing my old school

Eustace Street school. For many years I’ve meant to get down to reconstructing Eustace Street school by way of old photo records and anything else I can get my hands on. My old infant and junior school was unfortunately demolished before I could get some pictures and maybe even get a peek inside which was a tragedy […]

Montage anyone?

Photo Montage. Photo montage has been in my mind for a long while and I’ve finally got round to having a go. The process involves making a composite photo of one or several photos cutting, rearranging and overlapping them into a new image. In older times they would then photograph them for a final image to be processed. The quickest way today of course is […]