“Beautiful Wedding” video template

“Beautiful Wedding” template.

These video template intro’s are made to be an addition to your wedding photographs, business promo or even your family snaps. For instance I could put all your video clips and photos together with your choice of theme then add this intro’ to the start if you wished.
You can use this one below on it’s own as it will hold 16 of your Beautiful Wedding photos. Have a look and see if you can imagine your own photos on the pages, it truly is a wonderful video album. Please note that these are in low resolution for easy uploading, yours would be in HD.
Beautiful Wedding  is 1min 20sec’s in length but can hold 16 of your best photos to tempt your friends to view the rest of your video disc. All text can be changed, font type, colour, wording and size. Portrait & Landscape photos can be used but your landscape ones may have to be cropped to fit by your direction. See more templates here or on my YouTube feed here.

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