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An experiment

Photo manipulation I took this photo deliberately to test my new software out and to use it for removing objects without adverse effects to the picture. If you look closely you will see that I have removed overhead cables, the gate and shadows that would give the game away.     

Enhance and Manipulation

Skala, Kefalonia. The photo here of a Police station in Skala, Kefalonia was a quick snap I took on holiday, you know the type, you look at it once or twice then delete it from your computer. However I decided to do my ‘forever practice’ techniques on it and was astonished at how much detail was […]

Sinkhole in lounge

Sinkhole in lounge, oh my gawd. The illusion Sinkhole in lounge below is quick and easy to do if you have the right pictures. Getting the lighting correct and coming from the same source point is exactly what you want if it has that believable ‘first glance’. Dead funny when you ring your partner and send her the […]

Restoring family photo

Photo restoration, restoring family photo. A photo of my Father, probably taken around c1940 or maybe a little earlier. As a family we never got the old photos out to browse through them, or maybe it was me that wasn’t interested as a kid. Either way my dates and recollections of early pictures are very weak […]

Surfing in Royton

Surfer takes advantage of flooding in Royton. I make the occasional Fun or Fantasy photo for my local town, Royton, hence this picture Surfing in Royton. After a very bad day of rain I came up with this idea of a surfer riding the floods at the town centre cross roads. The blending of the water, […]