Handsome gentleman

Handsome gentleman in his heyday.

I received this photo from the subjects granddaughter asking if I could remove the creases and stains. I don’t have much in the way of information about the handsome gentleman other than he used to be a surgeon back in his heyday. When I first viewed it I honestly thought he was some kind of film star from the fifties due to his demeanour and dammed good looks. But my imagination wasn’t entirely spoiled when I learnt he was once a surgeon as this would place him right into that type of glamour world I would imagine. Especially back in those days.Hardest part in repairing this handsome gentleman photo was the moustache, I hate them. This particular one was damaged in the worst possible place with no way to clone details from other areas. I resorted to my artistry and hand drew the basics which always stands out a mile, something my competitors do and think it looks great. Thankfully I have a technique that helps me then adjust the drawing into something a little more believable.
The stains and background cleaning up only required the standard tools and tricks of the trade so a nice job completed in the end, and a very nice review from the granddaughter as can be seen here:

I gave Steve a very precious photo to restore after I had been told it would take 3 weeks by a big brand photo company. Steve managed to do it in just a few days and the end result was spectacular. Never have I received such great service for such a small price. I was kept updated with regular updates to my own viewing page so I could see the progress of the picture. Honestly can’t fault anything and will definitely be using Steve again.”

Original photo

Completed photo

Elegant Grandmother

 Elegant grandmother needing urgent repair.

When asked if I restore photos with creases and bits missing my answer was yes of course. I always expect the worst but the condition of this hand painted photo was absolutely terrible, it was actually crumbling before my very eyes. My customer had to deliver the picture by hand as it was too big to scan and couldn’t possibly be posted. It was mounted on cardboard which was quite normal back in the 20’s but the sheer size of it was amazing. It measured around 2ft x 3ft and had definitely filled the belly of many a moth, lucky them. The whole thing was also concaved and resisted being flattened but what did that matter when I saw it was twice the size of my scanner.
After my customer headed home I held the photo and looked upon it with great despair thinking I wonder if my local post office had a scanner large enough to accommodate it. What to do? Ok I decided to spray the back of the elegant grandmother needing urgent repair with some warm water and let it soak for a few moments. I set my scanner up and removed lid ready for the task at hand, cleaned the glass and set about scanning it in four parts as you can see below. Once that was done I carefully put the picture back into the bags my customer had left me and opened up one of my restoration programmes. I knew that Photoshop had a fab tool for joining up panorama style pictures so I jumped straight in and bingo, oh, it didn’t work. No matter what method I tried poor ole Photoshop could not assemble the segments in good fashion so I had to do it the old way which happened to work perfectly. Oh, the joy.

The four scans



Segments joined

This is the result of merging the four segments together. I’ve already merged the vertical lines and completed quite a bit of work on the photo. Next job was to clean up the horizontal line and make a start on the whole picture.







Following a few texts to and from my customer the photo of the elegant grandmother has been completed as can be seen below. It took a little longer than I expected as you have to apply a slightly different technique to hand painted photos. All things considered I think it’s turned out pretty darn good. Customer loved it 😉

Fully restored to customer specification

elegant grandmother fully restored to customer satisfaction