Paper Cut Outs

Paper Cut Outs using Photoshop CS6

Not exactly a unique piece of art technique though Paper Cut Outs using Photoshop CS6 has some valuable uses.
You can make this in Adobe Illustrator, CS6, whatever’s easiest for you and your application. The picture below wasn’t originally made for any particular purpose as it was already in my portfolio. I just wanted to test out ideas for future projects. The profile itself was something I designed for a local Facebook website that was converted for summer and winter use, you can see it here if you wish.
First thing I envisage using this for, once perfected, is to find a suitable photo that I can add paper cut-outs to. I’m thinking if I cut people out of a scene, then paste them back again but with this paper cut-out look it’s going to look fantastic, erm maybe.
This example at first glance might look like I have just cast drop shadows all over the place, but no, it’s a lot more intricate than that. There’s plenty of drop shadows but also inner glow, some texturing, blending and a huge amount of layering.
Hope you like it, it’s just one more of those crazy things I do….

Not exactly a unique piece of art technique though Paper Cut Outs using Photoshop CS6 has some valuable uses.

3D snow scene

3D Snow scene for Christmas

I really enjoyed making this fun 3D Snow scene for Christmas. I came across a tutorial on making a scene like this using any Photoshop type software, Cs6 being the most favourable thing to use.
I simply had to have a go at it as it gave me an idea for using local landmarks in future projects. The tutorial was a massive 7 pages long and required you to register on several websites to get the necessary project files. This did not deter me and once all that was done I made a start of putting this photo below together. There was some very clever steps for getting the 3D effect, not just the way I normally do things either, lots of layers and time consuming masking etc’.
Some mistakes were made and I simply was not prepared to go back to repair them. I knew it was going to turn out great even after omitting some of the details the original author had included. I hope you like what I have created and that you keep your eye open for more to come. If you have a suitable photo taken at eye level (Which is best), send it in to me and we can have some fun with it.

3D snow scene for Christmas.

Royton Santa’s

Royton Santa’s how many can you find?

If you are looking for a larger version of the Royton Santa’s picture displayed on Facebook just click the photo below and it will expand to full size.
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Christmas Royton Santas, can you spot how many?




Colour desaturation

Colour desaturation for a free Christmas present.

I‘m currently running a chance for people to get free work from Photo Restore. I am amazed how reluctant people are to take up this free offer but understand people always think there’s a catch. Ok I am already well known to undercharge for my work so a freebie sounds to good to be true. The point is that I love doing this work and as it gets really close to Christmas my workload reduces as people realise there may not be enough time to have a photo restored. Offering a freebie gives me something to do, good practice for me and gets me a little extra notice from the world at large.

The lady that contacted me asked if I could do a colour desaturation on a photo she had. No problem I said, just send it over and I’ll discuss it further with you so that we were reading from the same book.
After viewing the picture I suggested a few more bubbles and perhaps a colour tint in the little girls top. It’s a bit odd doing a colour desaturation when a huge chunk of the subject is already white so the lady agreed and was very pleased with the outcome. In fact her comment was that it looked fabulous and was to be framed and mounted on her wall.

What do you think?

colour desaturation

A photo Manipulated

A photo Manipulated of two brothers.

Photo Manipulation is one of the best methods of a Photo Restoration artist to give you something extra from your treasured family pictures.
A photo Manipulated Owen and Terry after photo manipulationThe photo here is a good example of a photo Manipulated to give the customer a memorable picture of their two brothers who are suffering the burdens of old age. Getting them out and into the same place for what could be the last time together was apparently difficult but very rewarding to all concerned. Unfortunately taking photos of that event wasn’t the best occasion for getting the subjects on their own for possibly the last chance of a great family photo. So, I was contacted and asked if I could remove other members of the party that were a distraction to the two gentlemen.
Most of the time removing objects, people or other parts of a picture can be quite easy if you have the eye for light, shade and composition.

A photo Manipulated of Owen and Terry before photo manipulation.However this picture didn’t have many places available for cloning so I had to do quite a lot of tinkering around to fill the blank spaces I had created. Not the best way to do things but the customer said “Thank you again for  giving me a photo I will cherish and have in pride of place in my  home.” That’s what I like to hear, money means little when compared to a happy customer.





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