Royton Ginnel Band

Boy band from Royton.

I restored this photo of a young Royton ginnel band as a treat to myself and something to please fellow Roytonians. I have had this picture for a long time and always meant to restore and colourise it so as soon as I got enough free time I jumped at the chance. The boys depicted here are posing/singing on Spring Garden Street, Royton in the very early 60’s. If you follow this link you will see that no houses exist any more, indeed the street is split into three parts now with only the church having any real residence. The rest is our dear dilapidated shopping centre.
Restoring the photo, Royton ginnel band, up to a reasonable quality was quite easy. Just the normal restoration plus adding some cobbles at the foot of the photo to balance the picture a little better. Keeping the colours muted and choosing the right ones was a little more time consuming as I like to use original colours so’s to keep everything as authentic as possible.
The guys in this photo are all still living as I can attest to that. One has moved abroad and one is still very active within our community posting his memories and photos onto various forums. Their names from left to right are: John Knight, David Armstrong, Kevin Chadwick and Jamie Spence.
Hope you like these guys forming the Royton ginnel band, I love it.

You can see three stages here. The original image, the restored and manipulated, and the colourised.

Royton Ginnel Band




My original photo of the iconic Royton ginnel band c1960



Competition winner

April competition winner.

I have started doing a monthly draw for people who have either liked my Facebook page, registered on here, written me a review on Freeindex or variations of all three, so the more you do the more you get from me. You can read the details for entering HERE and it’s absolutely free and well worth a small effort from yourself.
The winner for April chose to have a free 3D photo made from a picture of his girlfriend having a cool off on some Greek island. I wasn’t sure if it would work when he sent me the picture but it definitely has and it kind of shouts out at you.
If you want a freebie like this just click the link mentioned above, you only have to do it once, after that you will always be included in the draw.

winner april

Photo Restore

Norton 490cc ES2.

Colour casts where abundant in this this photo restore and not all of them were removed. The motorcycle was of the main concern so that is where I concentrated my efforts. A new front wheel & guard were required plus some photo restore work on the brickwork. Once that was done I still had to add some colour to the bike even though it was originally black and silver. Masking was a little difficult but after some hard work the Norton 490cc ES2 can now take pride of place once again on my customers wall of honour.

Norton 490cc ES2This is the original. You can see all the colour casts, damaged edges, frame lines and overall inclusions etc.



The photo below is the restored version. A new front wheel added, new mudguard, brickwork on the right reconstructed plus other minor retouches. The bike was then re-coloured and a bit of spit and polish too. Photo restore complete.

Restored photo Norton 490cc ES2

1950’s Photo Colourising

Colourising photos is one of the best things I like doing and get great satisfaction from it. Using my favourite tool Photoshop CS6 I can build up as many layers as necessary to get the right colour and shade for any subject. It helps my customers too because they can suggest brighter or less saturated colours to me and they can be altered at the flick of a switch.
This 1950’s Photo Colourising was great because I knew straight away what time period it was and the type of colours people wore back then. So 1950’s Photo Colourising it was and wow does this lady look gorgeous. Quite a lot of restoration was required but every bit of it was well worth the effort.

Rep&Colour    Rep&ColourWM